Student wellbeing

You learn best when you are feeling comfortable, safe and at ease. At Vineyard Lutheran School we put student wellbeing first so students can learn efficiently.

Vineyard Lutheran School is known as a caring and family-oriented school and is well regarded by the community it serves. It is a ‘people place’ where staff, students and parents celebrate and live out our values of love, optimism and creativity.  We are a community that is actively connected and growing for the lifelong journey of learning, providing a quality Christian education, where every member of the community is highly valued and supported.

At Vineyard Lutheran School our motto is ‘To educate, nurture and inspire individuals in a Christ centred environment....in order to develop creative, independent, curious and compassionate students who actively participate in the local and wider community.’

In order to achieve growing these caring and future-focused learners we are committed to student wellbeing and growth with a forward first approach with positive mindsets.

We encompass an anti-harassment and anti-bullying program and together with the School Chaplain we run What's the Buzz?, an evidence-based program to teach young people social and emotional intelligence. The program has become a required text for teachers, counsellors, psychologists, social work and youth workers.
We also run Brave HQ which offers several school programs in order to support the mental health of students, staff and the general school community.

Our School Parliament program involves each senior student with a governing role to meet weekly and implement decisions and programs around the school. We have a weekly senior /junior buddy program with a buddy class for group/peer reading and learning.

Students have access to counselling via numerous designated staff members as well as nature play areas for reflection and time to relax as the campus is located with the picturesque Riesling Trail Clare as its backdrop.

At Vineyard Lutheran School we are acutely aware that the basis for every great school are people working together, in partnership, with a common vision for the future.


for the wellbeing of our students


The holistic development of each individual - spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.


Respect for all people, and an acceptance of every individual, no matter who they are.


A life that embraces joy, curiosity, hope and faith.


Service in our relationship with God and people; at home, at school and in the community.


Involvement and effort in all areas of school life.


A personal and growing relationship with Jesus.


Responsible behaviour and self-discipline.


Imagination... Creativity... Innovation