Primary school

Independent Thinking

Vineyard Lutheran School is committed to empowering children to become creative and independent thinkers.  We aim to provide them with the skills to be successful in a world where the jobs of the future have not even been invented yet!  Great teaching is supported by great facilities.

Recently Vineyard Lutheran School has been delighted to open its new flexible use Open Inquiry Learning Spaces for our senior students at the front of our school. This includes two large classrooms for Year 6/7 and Year 3/4/5 and a third collaborative learning space, an outdoor, undercover auditorium with elevated bench seating, a stage and artificial grass play area.


Modern Facilities

Our new classroom spaces provide for inquiry teaching (hands on and collaborative learning), break out spaces for small groups and individuals and a strong connection between outdoor and indoor learning. The rooms allow opportunity for nature play with agile furnishings configured according to student purpose and preferences.

We are very clear in acknowledging that the most significant factor supporting student growth and learning in schools is quality teaching.  High quality facilities are an additional factor that enhances learning opportunities for children, particularly when facilities are purpose built to support teaching methodologies and the development of collaborative skills and qualities.

Our classrooms contain powerful technology with touch screen smart displays, computers and ipads.  Students connect wirelessly to the school’s network giving access to technology where it is needed.  Our classrooms and collaborative spaces all utilise technology to promote connectivity, communication, collaboration and creativity.
 Additional classrooms have been assigned for a Music/German room, indoor games room for table tennis, lego and board games during wet weather and a large kitchen attached to our stadium. We also have an additional large assembly area known as ‘The Cottage' which also houses our art room and Chapel devotions.

Focus on country

The obvious advantage we have as a school campus at Vineyard Lutheran School is the fact that we are situated in one of the most beautiful valleys in South Australia, the Clare Valley wine, agriculture and tourist region. We make the most of this opportunity by ensuring that our curriculum and school focus upon these strengths of tourism and agriculture in our community. Our site stretches over 5 acres with an agricultural section that is fenced for livestock and concreted gardening plots, hot houses and poultry sheds. Together with raised bed gardens, an Aussie rules oval and a soccer pitch as well as the world renowned Riesling Trail adjacent to our campus. The kookaburras just love our site as well!

Vineyard Lutheran School boasts a full size stadium with first class sporting facilities and equipment. Modern playground equipment and spaces are age appropriately built for students and support creative play during break times as well as our tennis court for games. With the Hutt River running through our site we optimise opportunities for explorative science investigation and our children engage in an enormous array of imaginative and creative adventures. We are blessed to have such wonderful facilities out here in the country fresh air and we share a close connection with the Mid North Lutheran Parish Church communities in the district; Clare, Blyth, Brinkworth, Snowtown and Burra. 


2021 Term Dates

Term 1

27 January to 9 April

Term 2

27 April to 2 July

Term 3

19 July to 24 September

Term 4

11 October to 10 December